Shallow Rampa - Atlantis Social Network

Atlantis Social Network

by dixie on Date unknown

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For some period of time (about 2–3 months) there was running who snapshots which have been used as input for social network here. Graphical output of graph is procuded by graphviz and pure graph data are constructed by haskell program.

Each Node represents a nickname. Edge are constructed based on frequency of the nickname pairs at the same room and time (with some variantions below)

Edge like this (origin Nick1 and destination Nick2):


Above relation means that the most times is nick1 with nick2 at the same room.

For viewing SVG capable image viewer is needed, or Firefox.

Social Network Groups

Here for each person is taken only most cooroom person.

Social Network Pairs

Here for each person is taken only most cooroom persons but for analysis only two people at time+room are considered (pairs).