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Dawb - DArcs Web Browser

by dixie on Date unknown

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Dawb is simple web based browser for the Darcs repositories. It allows quick check of repositories which are hosted on pure HTTP server without DarcsWeb or anything similar (patchtag, darcsden). Sometimes I need to check how alive is the some project without darcs command near the hand.

Accessible on:

It serves also RSS feed.

Some operations are slow because:

Complex queries can be slow and end fish timeout, usually the darcs log some-element


Known issues

View file functionality doesn’t work on repositories hosted on patchtag or darcsden. The reason is in assumption of dawb how to access file over HTTP.


Example repositories:

RSS feeds:


Software is not prepared for general usage and it has all configuration hardcoded. It starts local HTTP service on http://localhost:3000/changes after start.

$ darcs get --lazy
$ cd dawb
$ cabal install
$ dawb

Please be aware that it is still ALPHA quality software.